What I Do

Jim (Giacomo) Giammatteo has had a successful 30 year career as a headhunter, recruiting top talent for some of the world’s best companies—Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, and many high-profile start-up companies.

During that time he has completed more than 500 searches, which translates into evaluating, editing, and writing thousands of resumes. He has also interviewed and done reference checks on more than 1,000 candidates. Giammatteo knows what companies want to see on a resume—and, perhaps more importantly—what they don’t. He shares that knowledge in his newest book, No Mistakes Resumes. 

Giammatteo is also the author of a couple of fiction books that have achieved bestseller status (whatever the hell that means). His experience as both a recruiter and a writer gives him a unique perspective on what makes a great resume. And most of it is not what you think.

The secrets to a great resume are more about focusing, editing, cutting, and simplifying things. The No Mistakes Resumes ✓list will give you a good start on what you need, and it’s free. Get it here. Once you finish with that, get the book. It’ll only cost you about two cups of coffee.



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