Resume Writing Is Not Rocket Science

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Resume Writing Is Not Rocket Science

Everyone seems to worry when it comes time to write their resume. Either that, or they rush through the process and end up with a piece of…well, you know. Don’t let it fool you. Resume writing is not rocket science; in fact, it’s not difficult at all.

All You Need Is a Little Knowledge

What kind of knowledge, you ask? A few basics to start with.

  • What your accomplishments are
  • What sections to include on the resume
  • How to list the dates to avoid suspicion
  • Understanding of proper capitalization

Let’s take a closer look at the basics.

  • Accomplishments: This shouldn’t be a simple list of things you did.
    • Increased sales, or, launched three new products, doesn’t cut it.
    • You need specifics: Increased sales by 13% in first year, from $6 million to $6.78 million and improved profits by 17%.
    • Or: Launched three new products that captured 21% of market in 18 months, increasing market share by 11% over competitors.
  • Dates: As far as the dates, always include months with the years. Trust me. It’s a good thing.
  • Capitalization: Not all resume screeners, but many of them, have a pet peeve about overuse of capital letters, and I have to admit, it is becoming an epidemic. See this post orthis one for more details.
  • Sections: This topic is argued all the time, and although a case can be made for adding one or two more, the only sections you really need on a resume are:
    • Personal information at the top
    • Education
    • Work History

You also need a few basic skills.

A Word of Advice

Resumes are not the place to practice your vocabulary. This is not a contest to see who can send the gatekeeper to the dictionary first, or most often. So resist the urge to go to your thesaurus, or use big words. Simple is better.

Less Is More

If you cut out the distracting sections, like…

  • Objectives (never needed)
  • Personal (absolutely not)
  • Hobbies (no way)
  • Summaries (debatable, but I say no)

Bottom Line

You might think writing a resume is difficult, but it’s like anything else; if you understand the basics—what works, and what doesn’t—then it’s a piece of cake.

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Jim (Giacomo) Giammatteo is a headhunter who writes resumes and cover letters. He is also the author of No Mistakes Resumes, and No Mistakes Interviews. He also writes gritty crime dramas about murder, mystery, and family.

He lives in Texas where he and his wife have an animal sanctuary with 45 loving “friends.”

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About the Author: When I’m not headhunting, or writing, I help my wife take care of our animal sanctuary. At last count we had 45 animals—11 dogs, 1 horse, 6 cats, and 26 pigs. Oh, and one crazy—and very large—wild boar named Dennis who takes walks with me every day and happens to also be my best buddy. For information on my mystery/suspense books, go to .

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