An Interview Is Like a Date

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An Interview Is Like a Date

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people reading this have been on a date before. It may have been a long time, but I’m sure you remember the drill—or most of it. Your time for dating may be over, but probably not for interviewing. I know a job interview sends chills down the spine of many people, but don’t fret — an interview is like a date.

How Is an Interview Like a Date?

Let’s look at the ways.

When You’re Dating

  • When you’re dating, you might fill out online dating forms that list who you are and what you’re looking for. You might tell a few friends similar things.
    • Engineer, 32 years old, master’s degree, live in Chicago.
    • Looking for an educated woman, Chicago resident, wants to be a stay-at-home wife.
  • You have a preconceived notion of who/what you want in a date.
    • Potential partner must be witty, intelligent, and like dogs.
  • You have a list of absolute requirements.
    • Must be able to cook Italian. Should like board games. Must like boating.
  • If you “hop into bed” with the wrong person and end up marrying them, it could ruin your life.
  • You have a list of “absolute” no’s.
    • No cats. No kids. No hiking or interview is like a date


When You’re Interviewing

Now let’s look at how an interview is like a date.

  • When you’re interviewing you write a resume that tells who you are, and an accompanying cover letter that tells what you are looking for. You might also tell your co-workers and friends that you’re “looking”.
    • MS EE, 32 years old, Chicago resident.
    • Looking for challenging position located in Chicago. Five days a week only.
  • You have a preconceived notion of who/what you want in a job.
    • Job must involve designing devices for the medical industry.
  • You have a list of absolute requirements.
    • Must pay more than $130,000. Must have a minimum of three weeks vacation. Must include excellent healthcare coverage.
  • Just like dating, if you “hop into bed” and join the wrong company, it could also ruin your life.
  • You have a list of “absolute” no’s.
    • Just like there may be a list of negatives in a partner that you won’t tolerate, there are also things you won’t abide by in a work relationship. You know what you don’t want more than you know what you do want.That list may be written down, or it may be in your head, but it’s somewhere. Most people don’t start looking for a job unless they have an idea of what they’re looking for.

      an interview is like a date

The Real Reason Why an Interview Is Like a Date

The similarities we listed are part of the reason why an interview is like a date, but there’s more. The primary reason is what happens when after you meet your date/arrive for the interview. Because regardless of preconceived notions, preparation, and forethought, the face-to-face meeting will determine whether the match works—for the person and the job.

Once you arrive at the interview, you discover that you’re not a perfect fit for the job they need to fill. And while their headquarters are close to your house, this position will be moving to the other side of town. In addition, it will be focused on designing electronics for cell phones, not medical devices; however, the job was four days a week, nine hours a day.

On the other hand, the date you arranged to meet was not what you expected either. She was shorter than you anticipated. She had a fear of boating and water in general. She had two dogs, but she loved cooking Italian food and had even gone to cooking school in Italy.

The Results.

You get along so well with the interview team that the positives outweigh the negatives for you and the company. They make a few concessions like flex hours so you don’t have traffic to contend with once the transition happens and you joyfully accept their offer.

On the date side, the woman you meet definitely did not meet your “specs” but she was a great conversationalist and her love of Italian cooking threw you over the edge. You plan on seeing her the following week.

The Bottom Line

For all these reasons and more, an interview is like a date. Regardless of the meticulous preparation and planning, things can change once you meet the other party—even things you thought were set in stone.

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