Business Redundancies

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List of Business Redundancies 


Everyday speech, television, movies, books, emails, and all other forms of communication are riddled with redundancies. Most of it is harmless, of no consequence, but if you want to present yourself in the best light, try learning a few of the more common business redundancies. These appear frequently on resumes, cover letters, job descriptions, and especially in emails. Getting rid of redundant words tightens up your writing and makes it more clear.

Person confused by redundancies


  • absolutely necessary
  • advance warning
  • actual facts
  • add an additional
  • added bonus
  • Already existing
  • And etc.
  • At the present time
  • Basic fundamentals
  • Brief summary
  • Cancel out
  • Completely eliminated
  • Consensus of opinion
  • Current trend
  • Currently away (or unavailable)
  • different kinds
  • During the course of
  • each and every
  • Emergency situation
  • End result
  • exact same
  • Final outcome
  • first of all
  • foreign imports
  • former graduate
  • Future plans
  • gather together
  • had done previously
  • Introduced a new
  • Join together
  • Joint collaboration
  • Later time
  • Made out of
  • Major breakthrough
  • Meet with each other
  • merge together
  • Number one leader in
  • Never before
  • New invention
  • None at all
  • Past experience
  • Past history
  • Period of time
  • Personal opinion
  • pick and choose
  • Please RSVP
  • pouring down rain
  • Present time
  • proposed plan
  • Reason why
  • Regular routine
  • shut down
  • Start off or out
  • twelve noon or midnight
  • Ultimate goal
  • Undergraduate student
  • Warn in advance or advance warning
  • write down

Why Do Business Redundancies Matter?

I’m not out to fix writing in the corporate world—I need too much help myself. But I would like to share a few tips and perhaps help a few people improve their resumes or cover letters. Or maybe help a company write a better job description, one that allows them to attract a more qualified candidate. Ideally, these tips might eliminate some redundancies in emails. I believe that once you start to tighten your writing (by eliminating redundancies) you will find that all of your communication improves—written and verbal.

So why do redundancies matter?

One of the most sought after traits in industry is the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly. Eliminating redundancies is a big step to accomplishing that.

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