Review of No Mistakes Resumes ~ Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite.

Giammatteo takes us headfirst into the cut-throat world of interviews and getting a job. In this tough economy, you need all the help you can get to land the job of your dreams.

No Mistakes Resumes offers practical advice for sprucing up your resume. You’ve got to have a thick skin and be unafraid of cold hard facts and practicality. There was a lot of great advice, from creating an actual impact with your resume writing, to the simple purpose of resumes at all.

Having been a card carrying member of the Human Resources department since I was 17, I know what is good advice and what isn’t and No Mistakes Resumes will go a long way to keeping all your hard work out of the trash can. Take the practices and ideas in this book and apply them to your own resume and you will be interviewing before you know it!

Review of No Mistakes Resumes by Barry Lyons for IndieReader

If you’re looking for a job but dread going through another humorless book on how to write the perfect résumé, Giacomo Giammatteo is your man.

Giammatteo gets right to the point: your résumé should be crisp, full of action verbs, but beware that “two-dollar words should be reduced to fifty-cent ones.”

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